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Bulged Disc

I was recently diagnosed with L3 and 4 bulged disc. this was after taking part in 4 5k's last summer. My condition was pre-existing prior to my taking up running. My PT says NO more running ! I really enjoy it and my 10 y.o. daughter does as well and we have a great time participating in these 5k's together. My question is does anyone else out there have this problem? And what do you do to prevent it from getting worse (besides not running!)
Any info you can provide would be really helpful !
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Re: Bulged Disc

Bulging discs are endemic (lots of runners and non-runners have them). A bulged disc diagnosis is almost like diagnosis of being bald....who cares?

Do you have back pain? Leg pain?

I recommend goggling Lumbar extension exercises and attempt those exercises.

btw, lower back and disc pain sufferers benifit from aerobic fitness.

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Re: Bulged Disc

well here's my humble opinion.

A bulged disk, just like any sort of injury, must be happening for a reason. there is a "Why" behind it. Why would the disk be bulging? There might be too much pressure going into the lumbar spine when you run. I would guess that your pelvis has an anterior tilt, meaning it is rotated forward. The result of an anteriorly rotated pelvis is increased pressure into the lower back, which could cause a bulged disk. So, if you can help bring the pelvis back into a neutral position, i think some of that pressure in your spine causing your injury will be taken away. If this sounds interesting to you, i would suggest checking out for some training info on how you might be able to correct this issue! good luck!!
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