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Old 05-15-2009, 07:15 PM   #1
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luckyluciano23 is an unknown quantity at this point
Smile Lower leg pain, please help...

So i decided I was going to start hitting the gym, and running...i hadnt worked out in a few years (im 23)...i started going 5 days a week 45-60 minutes every night right off the bat, and about 2 weeks in i decided to run 4 miles on the treadmill that paticular the 3rd mile i started to get a tightness in my calf and the arch of my foot at the same time, i finished the 4 miles anyway and continued to run for a few more weeks despite this pain every night.

eventually i had to stop working out because the pain hurt so bad. its been about 3 weeks since ive been to the gym, and my lower leg still aches. mostly my mid-upper calf and my foot. IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I STAND or walk though. when im laying or sitting it feels perfectly fine. theres no bruising or anything. my doctor didnt seem too concerned she told me just to rest it. Any idea what could have happened? I realize i probably did too much too soon, but has any1 else experienced this? Just a calf strain? Stress fracture? Please help
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TheInjuryCoach is an unknown quantity at this point
Re: Lower leg pain, please help...

Hi Lucky...

Since it only hurts when you stand, this makes me think it's a minor tear or muscle pull. When you're standing, the muscles in your calf and foot are more elongated than normal and would aggrevate a tear. It doesn't sound like a stress fracture.

My suggestion is to ice it using an ice cup (freeze water in a plastic cup and then massage the area) 2-3 times per day, elevate it when you're watching TV at night, and once the pain subsides you can start strengthening exercises so you'll never have the problem again. My main suggestions would be barefoot strides a few times per week, avoiding shoes with a high heel, and using a foam roller on your calf/soleus.

Good Luck!
- Jason.
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subfifty is an unknown quantity at this point
Re: Lower leg pain, please help...

I would look into the possibility of a musculoskeletal misalignment. In my opinion, every injury has to have a cause. Some injuries are caused because of outside influences, such as getting your knees taken out playing football. but with running, i believe the vast majority of injuries are caused by improper movement in the stride. Icing will help relieve the pain, even help the tissue heal quickly. But rehab only temporarily fixes the pain. The problem must be deeper. If you do have a muscular imbalance, it can change how the pressure of running is dispersed through your entire body, and cause unnecessary strain in certain parts. I would check out if any of this sounds interesting. Good luck though!!!
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shane is an unknown quantity at this point
Re: Lower leg pain, please help...

If your ankle junction chinks one time and then the identical action does not origin breaking, the disturbance you learned was from gas increasing in the junction, a natural result of extending the junction space upon movement. The identical thing occurs when you chink your knuckles or a chiropractor adjusts your spine or peripheral joints. Repeated breaking shows junction wiping, however. In a individual your age, arthritis is nearly absolutely not an issue. What is much more probable is that the skeletal components in your feet (or ankle junction and foot) are not going rightly and components of the junction exterior are really wiping and producing the disturbance you hear. This occurs when the skeletal components in the base are misalgined due to a kind of determinants but, in your case, likely from your sport. Again, breaking is not a difficulty except their is misalignment. When there is agony affiliated, as in your case, there is a require for a solution.
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