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05-11-2006, 07:36 AM
These workouts are intended for beginning runners. This means that for men, 5K time is 24:00 and up, and 10K is 48:00 and up. For women, 5K time is 26:00 and up, and 10K is 54:00 and up.
Both charts are divided into two sections, for on-pace speedwork and fast speedwork. Both sections include suggestions for pace, number of repeats, and the appropriate amount of rest during intervals for five types of workouts. Keep in mind that the race paces referred to are not your goal pace but the pace you expect you could run today. In other words, if you are training for a 7:00 5K pace but can only run at a 7:10 pace now, the 7:10 pace is the speed at which you should run your repeats
5K Speed Training
On-pace Intervals440s880sMilesHillsLong HillsRepeats4-64-634-53-4Pace5K5K5K5K5KRest (minutes)2-333Jog DownJog Down Fast Intervals440s880sMilesHillsLong HillsRepeats4-53-4------Pace5K minus 10 sec5K minus 10 sec------Rest (minutes)33------