View Full Version : Glutamine is a must ?

05-11-2006, 07:24 AM
Glutamine provides nitrogen for the synthesis of nucleotides required in the formation of DNA and RNA during lymphocyte proliferation and macrophage activation. Newsholme speculated that the high rate of glutamine oxidation provides precision in the mechanisms that regulate such synthesis. For moderate levels of physical activity the body is able to synthesize sufficient glutamine to meet demands, but in highly active or traumatized people the concentrations of plasma glutamine is lower than normal. He suggested that supplementing with glutamine may be important for reducing the risk of infection. Lindy Castell supported this idea when she presented data showing a decrease in the reported incidence of respiratory infections in athletes given glutamine (0.1 g per kg body weight) after a marathon. Newsholme also suggested glutamine supplementation might reduce exercise-induced tissue damage and help recovery from hard training.