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09-12-2006, 12:42 PM
Hey there,
I copy/pasted this from another forum that I frequent. I immediately thought of you and your crazy summer of run, run, run, and then run some more. The question that was answered was posted by a highschool runner looking to cement his place as runner #5 on Varsity.

This "3 week rule" certainly got me thinking about my own goals and workouts...

For you to race well NOW, the only thing that'll REALLY help would be to go back in time.
I kid you not. Autumn racing is determined by what you did in the spring and summer.
That being said, let me explain something called "training effect". Your fitness and endurance are improved over time by the series of break-down and build-up events that we call training. On a microscopic level, you are actually stressing and damaging the muscles, ligaments and tendons. But your recovery days and easy runs are where that damage is built up stronger. It's a long-term process. And studies have shown on average it's a 3-week process. That's right. The training you do now is going to have the most benefit when it's built upon and get to a point 3-weeks down the road. So that 9-miler you just ran isn't going to 'benefit' you for 3-weeks until the "training effect" has taken it's course in terms of recovery and appropriate training on top of it.
So think of it as a series of 3-week cycles where your training needs those building blocks to build upon itself and incrementally ramp up your fitness, endurance and ultimately your speed.
Yep, that means for racing in September, it's dependent on the workouts you did in August, July, June, May, etc. As you look back at the summer, how solid was your mileage? Did you build upon each week so as to use the training 3-weeks prior as a stepping stone?

Bottomline is in the complex world of distance running, there's no quick fix. Your racing today is based on the last few months. Right now, you're certainly getting good quality training in from what you've posted. Again, if you can keep up that intensity and commitment, really, you're already building toward your winter or spring racing. And that training then will build toward your summer and so on to next fall when without a doubt, a dedication and continuation of what you're doing will get you to sub-17.

09-12-2006, 05:51 PM
What a good article, thansk for posting it!!!! It does make sense really, and I need those miels to coem and start working, lol. I've doen an 18:47 so far and it was ok, but I'm hoping for better.

Hows your training/races/times going??