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08-24-2006, 10:21 PM
Hi Everybody,

HBPM or Heart Beats Per Minute

I am curious about your maximum HBPM while running. I have asked friends and am getting ranges between 140 and 190. I read an article where it says your maximum HBPM could be roughly calculated as (for men) 220 minus your age. It also said that you should only run at 80% of this value. I am 41 and I should only run at about 143 HBPM - However, I am running at about 170. Theoretically, this is high, so... wondering about others?


08-26-2006, 06:45 PM
The 220 minus your age is a bunch of crap, and as you could expect from the same article, only running at 80% of that is crap too. (Not that I'm a doctor, but that generic advice is useless.)

My max HR is approx 200 bpm. Most of my running is between 170-180 bpm although I rarely use a HRM during running. I've used it a lot for cycling and usually ride between 90 and 190 bpm.

All depends on your fitness and what you can handle. A couch potato trying to run could easily get well over 80% of their max and pass out. On the other hand, Bill Rodgers is well past 40 and still going strong.

If you feel good at 170, run at 170! :)