View Full Version : Best advanced/most progressive speedwork and/or hill training for 5k???

07-31-2006, 10:11 AM
I'm going to start doing speedwork and hills for XC. I've got over 500 miles under my belt so far this summer and the first race is early Septemeber and XC practice starts late august.

We've done speedwork in track but its only like 8 400s and 5 800s. That over and over doesnt seem to do any good. In XC, we only do hills, we've never really done speedwork.

So, I'm looking for suggestions or links or help in designing a very effective speedwork plan, by all means. Like, the distance of the runs to be, paces, etc. I've seen some on site but they were way to easy, they were basically "6 400s, 5k pace" or 5-6 hills 5k pace. Anyone have any good ideas thoughts plan????? Thanks