View Full Version : My 110 mpw running!!!!! Learned a lot of new things!

07-29-2006, 09:31 AM
I decided to train like an elite high school XC runner so I decided to do 100+ miles this last week. My schedule was this:

Sunday- 7 miles: 10.5 miles
Monday- 10 miles: 7 miles
Tuesday- 12 miles: 7 miles
Wednesday- 7.5 miles: 9 miles
Thursday- 12.5 miles: 7 miles
Friday- 12 miles: 8.5 miles
Saturday- Off

First runs were in afternoon (always easy runs/recovery jogs) and second runs were at night (always tempo or farlek fast paced but not all-out runs)

I learned that it is much better to start otu slow on the long runs rather than faster because my legs don't get as tired in the end if I go slower. Running at night when it's cooler is very fun and feels very fast! 3 hours is sufficient tiem for legs to recover from a long run (at least for me).

I also notcied near the middle to end of the week my legs felt tired when I woke up and went to sleep. It took me 5 minutes just to get them to move like normal during warmup runs.

Has anyone else eevr tried high mileage liek this?? Whether it be 100+ miles a week or 2 hard days in a row???

Any tips on what to do now, the week after this??? Or suggestions that could help me with high mileage weeks that I am missing?? Thanks!