View Full Version : Practiced at 8AM, stitch and diet problem!

07-21-2006, 08:59 AM
I have a race tomorrow at 8 and I got up early and ran at 8 today to get use to it.

I had a waffle with syrup, yogurt, small bowl of fruit, and 3 glasses of water before I ran. I had the waffle, yogurt and syrup 3 hours before I ran and the water spread out from 3-1/2 hour before I ran/ Normally I drink 3 glasses of water before I run for hyrdration. Today when I ran my stomach felt very full, and kidn of swooshy like i drank or ate too much. The waffle I'm sure was bad, but is the yogurt a bad thign to eat??? Shoudl I maybe drink a glass of water before bed, then 2 in the morning instead of 3????

Also, I got a REALLy bad stitch in my right rib-area. I heard that to get rid of it you shoudl breathe in and out deep exhaling when left foot hits the ground, but that didnt help at all. I had to stop 3 times in my short run just to be able to get through the run/ Anything you knowq of or do that helps prevent/ get rid of stitches would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Also, what do you normally eat before a morning run?

07-21-2006, 11:04 AM
I've eaten all that stuff and never had problems before. I wouldn't say it's bad, but maybe bad for you in particular.

07-21-2006, 12:57 PM
I would stay away from dairy before a race. (picture it churning around, sour in your stomach, turning into yogurt or butter while you are running:eek: )

My unprofessional opinion:
Stick to light carbs an hour to 1 1/2 before the race. A piece of toast with peanut butter is good. You give your muscles a bit of instant energy to get them going, but then I think when that initial boost burns off, you are then using up the stores from previous meals which means you needed to be eating right a couple days ago! A lot of highschool runners I know eat a bowl of cheerios with water instead of milk, the morning before a race. Keep it light. I think you are eating too much and too many different types of things. Keep it simple.

I have a low blood sugar issue and as bad as they are for you, I eat a pop tart an hour before I race. That's it. It gives me the carbs and sugar that I need. For a 1/2 marathon, I'll eat a Cliff Bar. This is not the time to eat a 4-square, balanced meal. Do that after the race.

Stock up on your fluids the day/night before. The water you drink this moment will not get "into" your system for a half-hour. I never stop at a water table during a 5k or a 10k. The water won't be getting into your system until you are finished. I believe your other "not neccessary for this moment" systems like digestion, shut down while you are running. Your body sends all available blood and oxygen to your lungs and working muscles. If you have not eaten early enough, the food and liquid just sits there, gurgling. You will also find HUGE lines of people waiting to use the bathrooms before the race. Many people do #2 in the morning, the rest are trying to empty their bladder from drinking too much water on their way to the race!! I stop taking in fluids a good hour before the race, use the bathroom right when I get there, then do my warmup. After the race I can then drink as much as I want. Your body will not notice one missing glass of water the morning of the race. As CoachLevi suggested, maybe that particular combo of food didn't work for you on that day. I also think nerves are playing a HUGE role now.:D :D

As far as your sidestitch, maybe the sloshing stomach contributed to that. Chalk that up to a one-time thing and don't worry about it. Your diaphram is right above your stomach, so it would make sense to my simple brain that if the stomach was having an issue, it could affect your diaphram, thus cramping. Your solution was good. Focus on your exhale. Forcefully exhale. Your diaphram is in a spasm and you need to regulate it so the cramp goes away. Breathe in as usual, but focus on your exhale on any foot you want!;)

Good luck tomorrow, stick to your plan:cool: , and HAVE FUN!!!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you. :) :)