View Full Version : 5k on the 22nd, Any advice??

07-17-2006, 09:28 PM
I'm doing a 5k on July 22, at 9 A.M.:(

Any advice on adjusting to that early and general advice?????? I really want to get under 18!!! I've been trainign a lot harder this year than any year because I totally have dedicated myself to running.

What do you think my time will be? I've done 6 miles in 38:42 (6:27 mile pace and course has 2 large hills) ran 5 miles in 100 degree weather and humid in 33:16 (6:30 mile pace, flat course)

07-17-2006, 09:46 PM
6-mile man,
You FOR SURE will be under 18. Get a SLOW warm up in and make sure you know the course as you may be the one everyone else is following :cool: . Make sure to run a fast first mile--get your spot. I ran a 6:15 first mile ONCE, but my point is that if I can do that, then you should be at 5:30 or so. Hold steady for mile 2--this will be the hardest part, so remember your goals and forge on. Then, with a half-mile to go, you're home free!
NEVER turn and look behind you unless there is a natural opportunity at a corner turn. Be confident in your race strategy and keep with your plan. Lots of races are out and backs, so you know exactly where you stand without looking.
Run the course again when you are done, not only for a cooldown, but to add mileage, and it helps pass the time while waiting for the awards ceremony!:D
Can't wait to hear how you do! Run like the wind.
Hey, I used to live in Neenah!

07-18-2006, 08:10 AM
lol, i was just in Neenah last year. Good advice, I'll have to remember not to turn cuz I always turn normally cuz I want to see if n e 1 is behind me or not.

07-18-2006, 10:55 AM
Here's how I feel about the turn and look thing:

It is fine when turning a corner, as it is a natural movement then, otherwise it is a waste of your energy, especially your mental energy which can be a key element in your race.
What are you going to do about what you observe? Do you panic and try to go faster? Do you get excited and go faster? Do you wish you could go faster but know you can't and the guy right behind you is in your age group??

Usually I can hear someone come up behind me. My usual plan is to try to keep up with them for a few steps if not longer--put up a challenge, as maybe they are trying to psyche me out by passing me with a quick but short pick-up. (remember my failed plan? :( ) I may try to put up a bigger challenge if they are in my age group. Sometimes I think, "Well, I am already running the pace I think I should be, I can't hold this faster pace for very much longer, or wouldn't I already be running faster?! I'll keep up as long as I can but I don't want to get too tired as there is a big group not too far back ." Another thought, "I'll keep up as long as I can. Really, they're not going that much faster than I am, I am up for the challenge, I looked back at the last turn and there is no one else in sight. I'll rise to this challenge as I have nothing to lose if I crash and burn towards the end. I just need to make it through this next mile. Maybe I'll get a new PR."

So, sometimes I look when I am rounding a corner, and sometimes I don't bother--it all depends on how I feel that day and at that moment, and who else is there. I try to run according to MY plan. That's why I recommend a fast first mile--get out there and claim your spot, then hold it.