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07-11-2006, 08:41 AM
:cool: This week I'm planning on running 70 miles. I ran 14.5 Sun, and 12.5 Mon. I will run a 9, 7.5, 14 and a 13.5 run the rest of the days. Today I plan to run 13.5. Is this ok or should I give myself a break and run less like 9 or 7.5 then go back to the high miles???

I ran the 13 miles at 100%, but then I decided that all of you that said easy rusn are important for recovery, were right so I did the 12.5 miles easy and slow.....I'm glad I did, so thanks to all you that suggested that to me on previous threads! I plan to run the 9, and 7.5 miles as fast as I can, but go easy on the 13.5 and 14. What do you recommend????

What have u done so far this week and what do you plan to do??? Has your plan been successful for you? What's worked best????? What races are you trainiong for and whe ndo they start??

My first 5k of high-school XC is early Sept.

07-11-2006, 01:37 PM
6-mile man, you are AWESOME!! I just had the 24-hour flu, so missed my 7-mile hill day, which then screws up my whole week, as I can't go back and make it up because that would screw up my plan for a great Saturday race.

So, today, I will continue to recover from the flu--I have hardly eaten a thing in the last 24 hours. Maybe I'll put in 5 easy, slow miles tomorrow, an hour Thursday, rest Friday, 10k Saturday.

I never run a workout full out--NEVER. But I am way older than you.....:D :D :D

I will do laundry today and even put it away. (my version of cross-training--builds awesome arm muscles)

07-11-2006, 06:29 PM
lol abotu the laundry....actually, one of my friends had to do that in school...she is our "star" girls cross country runner and she was in weight trainign class...it was a complex (easy, lightweight day) and our gym teacher (also our cross country coach) made her do and fold the schools laundry instead of lift. It was pretty funny to hear.

I had the flu in March, it was killer for my running in track season! Its good that you're taking time to get through it.