View Full Version : IT Band Syndrome

05-24-2006, 02:08 PM
I encountered my first IT Band Syndrome four weeks before my last marathon in September. I was unable to get past one mile before the pain would really kick in. I went to a Physical Therapist that specializes in Sports Therapy. He gave me a stretching regimen that focused on my IT Band to help get me through the marathon. I ran pain free until mile seventeen when it became very painful and I reached my pain threshold. It was a long 9 mile walk to the finish. I have tried many things since to help with recovery. Ice, heat, stretching, continued physical therapy, IT strap, weight training and cross training. Ineffective and aggravating was running, pool running, eliptical, bicycle. What I have felt to be the most effective is to stop running for at least three weeks. But that does not mean stop training altogether. But swimming, pilates, physical therapy, weight training (that stays away from irritating the ITB) and yoga seems to be the best. After three weeks I tried a simple 2.5 mile run and found that I still had some pain. So I kept swimming for another three weeks. This week I went for a 2.5 mile run and a 3 mile run and both have felt good. This is a good sign because I plan to run a marathon in May and I am 18 weeks out and still in good condition. It was very hard for me to stop running for a period of 6 weeks, but knowing that the alternative was constant knee pain and never recovering enough to run another marathon kept me in check.