View Full Version : Ultra training jump

05-13-2006, 01:39 PM
I am newly back into running (9 months of training after 10 years off). I have run two half marathons (1:29 in the fall of 2006, and 1:23 last week).

I'm looking at an 8 hour run in August that suggests that it's a good way to try running your first marathon (or longer). I'm planning to work on a marathon training schedule where I build up my long run per week to about 25 before I taper.

Three questions:
1). Am I being idiotic to think that I can jump into something longer than 26 miles that day? I was thinking I might be able to do 40?
2). How should I attack that day? It's on a 3.29 mile loop. So I'm thinking of running two loops and then walking for 10-15 minutes, then two loops, etc.
3). What kind of pace should I do that day? My half marathon was at 6:23 pace...how do I start out an ultra?

Any thoughts would be great. Thanks.