View Full Version : Causes of Hip Strain

05-13-2006, 01:31 PM
This can be a result of an overuse injury. The muscles that stabilize the hip joint can become inflamed due to various reasons. As mentioned above, several running factors can contribute to this injury. Other culprits include weak back muscles, limb length discrepancy and foot imbalance (over pronation).
Treatment of Hip Pain

The initial response should be rest for 1 week; you can continue to run as long as your hip injury is not being aggravated. Anti-inflammatory gels, ice packs and relaxing deep massages can help to increase the healing process. Running alternations include shortening your running stride, changing your shoes and a change of running surface. You may need sports orthotics to remedy any foot imbalance you may have. Finally, you can try lower back strengthening exercises to strengthen the back in order to prevent a re-occurrence of the condition

06-15-2006, 01:10 PM
I was experiencing terrible right sided hip pain after running. What really helped me (after the initial resting, icing, and aspirin) was getting the right shoes. I've posted this earlier and I know it sounds so simple, but for me it was truly amazing. For many years I was convinced that I had the best possible running shoes, probably based on cost and name. Anyway, after being evaluated by an expert, I was fitted with the correct shoes which compensated for my over-pronation and the fact that my right leg is shorter than my left due to overcoming a birth defect of a club foot.

I'm not 100% pain-free, but I'm easily well over 95% which I will gladly take!